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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tekla Open API Introduction

Tekla Structures software includes an open Application Programming Interface (API) that enables third party applications to integrate and communicate within the same modeling environment.

Tekla Open API™ can be utilized by referencing open API assemblies within different types of applications.

Users can create separately executable applications:
  • Microsoft® .NET applications (Windows®Forms or Console)
  • COM applications utilizing COM technology
  • VBA macros utilizing COM technology (e.g. Microsoft® Office)

Users can apply built-in applications:
  • Macros executed from menu command
  • Plug-ins executed from component catalog

Tekla Open API also makes it possible to
  • Record and run user interface actions
  • Create tools to automate the modeling process
  • Insert details to drawings based on information from another vendor's file formats
  • Integrate with other software (Office Tools, Analysis & Design, MIS and ERP)
  • Create new application functionality or information through the RFI manager

  • ekla Open API dành cho người am hiểu Tekla Structures và biết lập trình bằng hay C#.
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